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tv   [untitled]    February 10, 2011 10:00am-10:30am PST

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that it comes out of training, and the articles that you read, it is not just about training. it is also about developing specialists. they do not encounter those incidents enough to become specialists, but some of them do. i know something about it. chief, i want to commend you. you have shown an extraordinary openness in listening to new ideas. with folks in the community, you have wanted to your input, and i want to acknowledge that. it could have been a very different approach. having heard all of that over the last couple of weeks, what do you think? >> i have sat and listened to this.
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there is a component of this that is missing. a light bulb came on a few minutes ago. i understand the partnership with the community. i understand the cit program, fatalities, and this is really going to be a bombshell, but would not be perfect if everyone was trades like this? where there is somebody upset, and they can slow
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supervisor campos: welcome to the very 102011 meeting of the board of supervisors government audit oversight committee. my name is david campos, the
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chair of the committee. i am joined by committee vice chair supervisor mark farrell and committee member board president david chiu. we want to thank sfgtv staff for covering the meeting. thank you for your work. madam clerk, do we have any announcements? >> please make sure to turn off or place all bonds on migrate. if you wish to present any documents, also provide a copy to the court for inclusion into the vial. items acted upon to they will be included in the february 15 board of supervisors meeting. supervisor campos: thank you. we have a very light agenda. before i begin with the item, i have a basic question to the clerk.
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i am wondering if it is possible in the future for the people watching these meetings, for the agenda item -- is it possible to have it in chinese characters as well? i know some folks in my district were asking about that. if they are watching the item, if there are any language issues, at least knowing the subject matter. >> i can check for you. supervisor campos: please call item one. >> item 1. resolution approving an agreement with the nonprofit owners' association for administration/management of the property-based business improvement district known as the "mission miracle mile business improvement district,." supervisor campos: thank you. this is an item i have introduced. to speak on the item is lisa. for purposes of my colleagues,
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just some context, october 5, 2010, the board of supervisors renewed the property based improvement district and this allows the mayor's office of work force and economic development to execute an agreement for the management of the district. good morning. >> good morning, chair campos, committee members. thank you for having me and let me to fill up this agenda with this item. lisa pegam with the office of workforce development. we are happy to present to an agreement with the nonprofit home owners association, miracle mile, for the property based business improvement district known as the mission miracle mile business improvement district, which was renewed by the board of supervisors in october of 2010. this management agreement is required so that the city can
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transfer the special assessment that was collected on behalf of the district to the non-profit management corp. who oversees the management of the services that are paid for by the special assessment and also conduct all the reporting to the city annually, regarding the expenditures of those assessments. not office of economic and workforce development overseas these agreements between the city and county of san francisco and a nonprofit management groups or the business improvement district. we are asking for your approval of this agreement. supervisor campos: any questions? any specific highlights in the agreement, in terms of what it does? >> it is a bic agreement, it allows for -- thick agreement, it allows the nonprofit to
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operate for five and half years. it includes all of the city requirements for contracts with nonprofits for this purpose. supervisor campos: great. why don't we open it up to public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to comment on this item? you have three minutes. >> that was three minutes? supervisor campos: yes. >> it shows two on my counter. thank you. douglas yepp. i have been living in santa scope for 35 years. i would like to speak on item one. -- san francisco 435 years.
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even when i have had business meetings on mission street, i am forced to do it in the daytime because i cannot afford to be an innocent victim in the ninth time. i think this is well in order. if people like me cannot afford to be on the street at night, i hate to think if you were a regular citizen going back and forth on mission street, how they must feel every night when they have to go through that. secondly, i am a little surprised that on today's agenda there was only one item pending under a 30-day rule. in my own opinion, i feel this committee has been very underutilized, as one of my friends keep asking me, is this a lap dog committee for a watchdog committee? i am hoping under current
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leadership, it will become a watchdog committee, instead of the previous lap dog committee. if you would like suggestions, i first is an obvious one. laguna honda hospital. no matter how much the comptroller tries to protect laguna honda, you cannot change the facts. it will become known in due time. secondly, i would like to have some sort of monitoring @ san francisco general hospital under the previous administration, it was easily know that there was so much waste of resources. since i worked there, for 20 years, i have the facts. i do not think there is anybody going to dispute the facts. also, two other items i but to bring before the committee for possible action is the obvious female slave trade, with san francisco being one of the main focal points, especially illegal
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use of immigrant women. also, it has been pointed out to me for a long time about the ongoing pornography trade in san francisco, especially the unfortunate development of child porn. i must commend the police department for finally completing an investigation into a serious porn allegation that might have involved child pornography at san francisco general hospital. also, i would like to mention that this committee needs to really step forward. citizens really demand a lot more than what we have gone in the past few years. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you very much. is there any other member of the public that would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we take a motion on this item?
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motion by supervisor david chiu. seconded by supervisor farrell. if we can take that without objection. before we close the meeting, this was a very light agenda. we have a number of items coming up, so i hope people will stay tuned. do we have any other business before the committee? >> no, supervisor campos. supervisor campos: thank you. meeting adjourned. meeting adjourned.
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>> good afternoon, welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday, february 8, 2011. madam clerk, could you call the roll? madam clerk: [roll call] supervisors all present. president chiu: ladies and gentlemen, could you please join me in the pledge of allegiance.
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[pledge of allegiance] president chiu: colleagues, you should have four meeting minutes for our meetings on january 4, january 7 and january 8 of 2011. could i have a motion to approve those minutes. motion by supervisor mar, seconded by supervisor campos. without objection, those are approved. madam clerk, do you have communications? madam clerk: i have no communications. president chiu: could you read the consent agenda? [read consent agenda] president chiu: would anyone like to sever these items? could we have a roll call.
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commissioner wiener: does this include the resolutions? which items does this include? [roll call vote taken] there are 11 aye's. president chiu: the ordinances are finally passed. next item? madam clerk: item three is an ordinance organizing a grant in the office of economic and workforce development for approximate amount to support the clean energy workforce training program and amending
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ordinance to reflect addition of grant funded. [motion passed] madam clerk: item 4 is a requirements of chapter 6 of the san francisco administrative code for a contract with the environmental science associates for california environmental quality act. >> i would like to ask more about the local component. i am supportive of this item and one of the reasons i'm supportive is because of the fact that there is a focus on making sure that local companies have an opportunity to participate. so i'm wondering if through the chair if we could just hear briefly on those efforts.
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president chiu: mr. benson? >> through the chair, brad benson, special projects manager for the port of san francisco. supervisor campos, to your question, the port, working through the department of public works had bid a contract, a professional services contract for ceqa review for the pier 27 cruise terminal project last fall and e.s.a., environmental science associates, was selected as most qualified respondent for that waterfront oriented work and the idea here is to add the america's cup scope of analysis to that underlying cruise terminal e.i.r. during that bid process, h.r.c., the human rights commission had established an l.b.e. participation goal for the professional services contract of 15%. e.s.a. came in just slightly above 30% and the port's
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intention to exceed h.r.c. goals and contractor has indicated their willingness to meet their prior bid for l.b.e., so that would be 30% or more of the contract amount. supervisor campos: thank you, and thank you and the rest of the port staff for your efforts and it's great to see that. i hope to see more of that as contracts come before us. president chiu: supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: thank you, mr. president. as many of us are co-sponsoring on this particular waiver, not to lose sight as to what we hope is the outcome of this whole contract. one is, is that, when we initiated our process in the city to try to secure the hosting rights of the america's cup, the city seriously dodged a bullet because the early contemplation was, was to seek an exemption to ceqa through the
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state legislature so that we would then be able to expedite the process because there was a great amount of pressure being applied to the city by b.m.w., or and the racing team to go that route. i think cooler heads and common sense prevailed especially from the environmental community that we did not do that. l.a. and their major stadium projects have gotten into trouble trying to seek state exemptions. what needs to be reiterated is because we are sole sourcing this particular contract, that there has to be i think a larger course to make sure that we are expecting full ceqa compliance within the six to 12 months when this process is under way and that not just full ceqa compliance but the fact is, is that this event do everything it possibly can to be more than symbollically green. this kind of race, america's
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cup, is the third largest grossing income race after world cup soccer and the olympics and to think of the sheer scale of an event like this would be a high bar in order to think that we would be able to put on the kind of carbon neutral or carbon negative event that would also like to parade or pitch the idea of zero waste so this is a tall order to put on the shoulders of one company to try to help us navigate around what our ceqa standards would be and then holding to the standard that will be completely ceqa compliant. i think this is worth pursuing on this end but it doubles the responsibility on the back. president chiu: thank you, colleagues. any additional discussion? could we take a roll call vote on this item? madam clerk: on item four
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[roll call vote taken] there are 11 aye's. president chiu: this ordinance is passed on the first reading. madam clerk: item five is an ordinance authorizing the office of economic and workforce development to accept a grant of approximately $238,000 from the department of labor employment and training administration to fund the green jobs workforce development training project. president chiu: can we do the same call? this ordinance is passed on the same reading. item 6? angela merkel resolution approving and authorizing the agreement for the sale and conveyance of property rights and fee interest for two nonexclusive easements and two
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temporary easements under the jurisdiction of the san francisco public utilities commission to the california department of transportation purchase price of $6,000. president chiu: colleagues, same call? this resolution is adopted angela merkel resolution authorize -- madam clerk: . accepting and expend grant, resolution authorizing the office of economic and workforce development to retroactively accept and expand community services block grant. president chiu: item accepted. madam clerk: item 8 is ordinance amending the san francisco planning code by amending. president chiu: i understand supervisor wiener may need to be excused from this. commissioner wiener: i own a condominium where i reside that
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is within 500 feet of the western britney -- boundary of the proposed extension, specifically the northwest corner of market and i ask to be excused. president chiu: do we have a motion? without objection, supervisor wiener is excused for this vote. supervisor mar? commissioner mar: thank you, president chiu. one issue that was brought to our attention after we had unanimously supported the ordinance is a cleanup amendment. i'm introducing an amendment to this item to clarify the rules on how projects already in the entitlement process will be affected by the new extension of the upper market zoning controls. the language has been agreed to by steak holders in the community, the planning department, the city attorney, but it was omitted unfortunately in the legislation that came to the land use committee two weeks ago so i urge support for the amendment and you have a copy of
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the amendment before each of you, as well. president chiu: thank you. supervisor mar has made a motion to amend as suggested. is there a second? seconded by supervisor mirkarimi. colleagues, without objection, the motion amend passed and on the underlying ordinance as amended. same house, same call? actually, the house has changed so if we could take a roll call vote on that? madam clerk: supervisor mirkarimi, supervisor avalos, supervisor campos, supervisor chu, supervisor cohen, supervisor elsbernd, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, supervisor mar. there are 10 aye's. president chiu: this srd passed in the first reading as amended. skipping over to item and move
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to our committee reports. madam clerk: items 18 through 22 were considered by a rules committee at a regular meeting on thursday, february 15, 2011, and were forwarded as comet committee reports. recommendation settling the lawsuit filed on november 24, 2008 in san mateo superior court. [roll call vote taken] there are 11


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